Tug Fender

Tug fenders are rubber fenders that are installed on various tugs and used frequently in extreme conditions for a long time.
Tug fender is mainly used for all kinds of tugs, installed in the bow, side, and stern of the ship, engaged in pushing, supporting, leaning, and other operations, our company's tug rubber fender adopts the integral molding vulcanization process, the overall performance of the product is good, long service life, easy installation.


It has four types of  tug fenders for special applications:

A - Cylindrical Fenders: 
Fitted to the bow/stern of 
tugs and usually used to push against flared hulls and in open sea conditions.

B - Pushing Fenders:
Keyhole, Square, W, and M-fenders provide large contact surfaces for low hull pressures. Their grooved surfaces provide exceptional grip.
C - Side Beltings:
Square, D, and Composite fenders are often used as side beltings to protect the vessel during escort duties and when coming alongside.

D - Stern of Tugs:
Usually, use cylindrical fenders or any other type.

Tug fenders on the ship