UHMW-PE Sliding Fender

The sliding fender is made of UHMW-PE. It's often mounted together with a steel frame as a frontal panel of rubber fenders.

The UHMW-PE sliding fender is often mounted together with a steel frame as the frontal panel of rubber fenders.


Other Applications:

Sliding boards
Lock walls & entrances
Quay wall protection
Pile Protection


UHMW-PE Sliding Fender Characteristics:

- Low friction coefficient
- High abrasion resistance
- UV and ozone resistant
- Reduced conductivity optional
- 100% recyclable & non-rotting

UHMW-PE Sliding Fender


Technical Properties of UHMW-PE Sheet:

 Physical Properties
Test Method Item Unit Value
ASTM D792 Density g/cm³ 0.93-0.97
ASTM D570 Water absorption <0.01
Mechanical Properties
ASTM D638 Tensile strength Mpa 40
ASTM D638 Elongation at break % 300
ASTM D790 Flexural strength Mpa 24
ASTM D695 Compression strength
10% deformation
Mpa 21
ASTM D2240 Hardness, shore D - D66
- Coefficient of friction - 0.12
Thermal Properties
ASTM D648 Heat deflection temperature 47
ASTM D3412 Melting point 135
- Continuous service temperature 82
Electrical Properties
ASTM D257 Surface resistivity Ω-M >10^15
ASTM D150 Dielectric constant 106Hz - 2.3
ASTM D257 Volume resistively Ω*cm >10^15
ASTM D604 Dielectric strength KV/mm 45