Tyre & Chain Net for Pneumatic Fender

Boomarine supplies Pnuematic fenders also provide chain tyre net seperately. For the customised products, we produce strictly in accordance with the drawings required material and dimensions. 

What types do we have for the pneumatic fender?

Fender types include net-type and sling type.
Net-type fenders shall be covered by a tyre net, fibre net, or rubber net. Each end of longitudinal chains, ropes, or fibres shall be linked together with one or two rings, which shall be connected with a guy-chain or guy-rope. Usually these nets will be fitted with used tyres or rubber sleeves to provide additional protection to the fender body.

    Chain&tyre Net Pnuemamtic Fender            Sling Type Pnueamtic Fender                Fiber Net Pnuematic Fender            Ruber Net Pneumatic Fender