Aluminum Gangway

Aluminum Gangway

  • Material: 6061-T6 Al
  • Decking: WPC or Preserved Wood
  • With Ramp Plates on Both Sides
  • Load: 400 kg/m2 or Customized
  • Length: Customizable, usual size 3m – 22m
  • Width: Customizable, usual size 1.2m – 12m

Aluminum Gangway, also known as ship ladderboarding ladder, and shore ladder, is the essential auxiliary equipment for connecting ladders to coastal vessels. It is used to provide safe passage or walkway to and from almost any floating dock, freestanding dock, floating system or permanent structure.

Our aluminum gangways are primarily made of corrosion-resistant, saltwater-tested aluminum alloy. The deck wooden plate is firmly fixed to the tubular beam of the special aluminum extrusion. Anti-slip nail that provides additional foot grip is provided as a standard feature. The guardrail uses a rigid beam design. The top truss design improves stability and load capacity and provides support for the sturdy aluminum handrail. Both its length and width can be customized. In addition, its load capacity can reach 400kg/m2.

Our aluminum gangway uses a lightweight structure that can be handled by two people, which can be quickly installed and disassembled. In addition, it meets the requirements of CB3116-82, JIS F2613-1796 and ISO7061-1993. It has stable performance under various weather conditions. As a professional marine equipment supplier, Boomarine provides high-quality aluminum gangways. Various classification society certificates such as CCS, BV, LR, DNV, GL, NK, ABS, KR, RMRS, etc. are available upon request. If you have any demand, please feel free to contact us.

Features of Aluminum Gangway:

Aluminum gangways offer many advantages not found in other types of gangways. The material is lightweight, strong, non-slip, and can withstand harsh weather.

  • Robust and durable

Each gangway is made of structural, marine-grade aluminum for strength and durability. The guardrails are designed with rigid beams. The top truss design improves stability and load capacity and provides support for the sturdy aluminum handrail.

  • Easy disassembly and storage

The unit can be easily disassembled and stored when the gangway is not in use. It can be removed and stored during storms and floods, and then replaced. This makes it perfect for seasonally open beaches or for boat access when the gangway needs to be moved periodically.

  • Easy to transport

Our gangways are constructed of durable and lightweight materials. The aluminum construction allows the gangway to be transported from one location to another, often requiring only two people. The easy-to-use mounting brackets allow for quick and safe installation of the gangway to a new location.

  • Corrosion resistance

The high salt content of water and air near the ocean is extremely corrosive to certain types of metals. Heavy steel gangways that are near the water and not regularly removed for proper maintenance may rust and lose their structural integrity more quickly. Wooden gangways are also susceptible to the damaging effects of saltwater. And our aluminum gangways offer a great alternative because they are designed to resist rust and corrosion and require less maintenance.

  • Better traction

Some materials, such as wood, can become slippery and dangerous when exposed to water or other elements. However, aluminum gangways have multiple levels of traction to provide a safe walking surface. Non-slip spikes provide an additional layer of safety to prevent slips and falls, and side rails provide an extra level of safety.

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Aluminum is one of the best materials to recycle. Compared to wood (which requires a lot of energy to produce), iron and steel, the recycling process is much easier. While other metals can be recycled over and over again, few are infinitely recyclable and easy to recycle.

  • Cost-effective

In addition to being lightweight, rust-resistant and durable, our aluminum alloys are among the most cost-effective materials available. In addition, the ability to recycle indefinitely saves a significant portion of the investment. These savings are passed on to the customer, making it a significant investment.

Why use aluminum as ship gangways?

Unlike wood or steel gangways, it does not require repainting or extensive maintenance to maintain optimal levels of functionality. It is also corrosion-resistant. This is a major concern when you are dealing with marine environments. This material is also lightweight, making it easy to install, move and store products. It can be removed and stored during storms and floods and then replaced. t Also, the recycling process is much easier with aluminum compared to wood, iron and steel. The highly durable, low-maintenance and lightweight aluminum gangway for boats is the epitome of convenience.

Photos of Aluminum Gangway

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