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We are not only equipment supplier but also services provider

Boomarine Supplies not only supplies equipment but also provides the integrated solutions of the project.

Technical support: Before sales, Boomarine will provide an integrated solution for the whole equipment system; Our engineers will finish the design and calculation at this stage.

Manufacturing: Quality control is started from the raw material to delivery, we must make sure the products are perfectly presented to our clients. Each kind of product has its individual inspection and testing standards, we could offer any third-party inspection report, or classification society certification such as ABS, BV, GL, DNV, LR, etc.

After-sales Services: QA report, on-site installation, commissioning &testing will be provided.

Quality Warranty: Boomarine will provide at least an 18-month quality guarantee for all our products.

Technical Support

Equipment Supplies

On-site Services

Marine Fender Series

The rubber fenders from BMS are all produced, inspected, and tested according to ISO and PIANC's requirements. We support any kind of third party company inspection.
We have a wide range of rubber fenders types such as cell fenders, cone fenders, arch fenders, leg fenders, D type fenders, tug boat fenders, etc.

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Marine Fender Series
Outfitting Equipment Series

Outfitting Equipment Series

Pipe spools are one of our hot sales in outfitting equipment series. Anchors, Bollards, Chocks, Fairleads, Ropes, Chains, etc. are available from BMS; Our products are proved by Society Classification Certificates ABS, LR, DNV, BV, CCS, etc.

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Dockside Equipment Series

Plastic pontoon is one of our hot sales in our dockside equipment series; Cast bollards, capstan are available from BMS.

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Dockside Equipment Series
Hot-sale Products

Super Cone Fender

Super cone rubber fender is the 3rd generation product of cell type fender, with more reasonable structure, its deflection can reach 72.5% to obtain high energy absorption and longer service time.

Pneumatic Fender | Yokohama Fender

Pneumatic Fender is made of the synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air inside, at an initial pressure of 50kpa or 80kpa, to enable it to float on the water and work as a shock absorber between two ships.

Ship Launching Airbags

Ship Launching Airbag has the advantage of labor-saving, time-saving, economical saving, flexible and a prominent economic benefit.

Gas Exhaust Pipe Lines

Stainless steel spool pieces, gas exhaust pipe spools Material: SS2205, SS316, SS304L, 254SMo, etc. Application: marine industry

Aluminium Gangways

*Material: 6061-T6 *With WPC Decking *With Ramp Plate on Both Side

HDPE Pontoon

- Size of cube: 50x50x40cm /50x50x30cm (LxWxH) - Safe Loading: 350kgs/sqm - Material: HDPE(High-density polyethylene) - Color: Blue, gray, yellow, orange - Accessories: Pin, bolt, washer, spanner

Technical Support