Gas Exhaust Pipe Spools

Stainless steel spool pieces, gas exhaust pipe spools
Material: SS2205, SS316, SS304L, 254SMo, etc.
Application: Marine industry
Welding method: Plasma welding
Inspection: PT or RT & Pressure Test
Application: Marine Industry
Custom made as per prov
Gas Exhaust Pipe Spools are exhaust pipe lines (prefabrication welding pipe) for Scrubber & EGCS. It is customized by SS2205, SS316, SS304L, 254SMO, etc., which perform well in the harsh medium environment (such as sea water, high chloride ion content), has good anti-corrosion resistance.

In the ship and marine industry, it must ensure that everyone's environment is safe. So it is necessary to ensure that the gas does not leak, so the gas exhaust pipe spools with good performance are an indispensable part of the ship supplies. Due to Boomarine's experience of ship equipment for many years, we have the mature ability to customize and install pipe spools for ships, and can be tailored according to customer needs.

Boomarine supplies all grades of stainless steel pipe spools, gas exhaust pipe spools, prefabricated piping pieces.

Gas Exhaust Pipe Spools

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1. Fast customization capabilities.
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