DIN 81907 Pedestal Fairlead

DIN 81907 Pedestal Fairlead

  • Standard: DIN 81907
  • Material: Steel
  • Roller No.: Single Roller
  • Surface Treatment: Polished, galvanized or bitumen painted
  • Pedestal Type: Conical or Cylindrical
  • Pedestal Height: 200/400/500/600/800/1000mm
  • Certificate: CCS, DNV, ABS, BV, etc.

DIN 81907 Pedestal Fairlead, also known as warping roller or pedestal roller fairlead, is manufactured according to DIN 81907 standard. It is ship mooring equipment installed on a ship to guide and change the direction of the mooring rope.

Pedestal fairlead is composed of a cast steel roller and a steel conical or cylindrical pedestal. The pedestal fairlead is set on deck between the fairlead and the winch to change the direction of the cable. Its surface is polished, galvanized or bitumen painted, and has good anti-corrosion properties. According to the different top rollers, the fairlead can be divided into two types: cylindrical base and conical base. Our base can be equipped with a retainer, which can prevent the mooring rope from falling when the tension on the rope is relaxed.

DIN 81907 pedestal fairlead is available in two types: DIN 81907 type A and type B. Both types are single roller fairleads with bases. The rollers are flexible and can guide the rope. The surface of the roller and the base is smooth without any defects.

As a leading supplier of marine equipment in China, all the marine fairleads supplied by Boomarine are certified to meet your specific requirements (ABS, BV, DNLV, LR, CCS). We can also provide other options according to customer requirements, such as square or customized base. If you are interested in our roller fairleads, please feel free to contact us.

Features of DIN 81907 Pedestal Fairlead:

  • Made of high-quality cast steel for extra durability.
  • Flexible bearing or axle.
  • Surface of the roller and the base is smooth without any defects.
  • The surface is polished, galvanized or bitumen painted, which has good anti-corrosion performance.
  • Rollers are heat-treated and have a longer service life.
  • Base can be welded and customized.

Technical Requirements:

  • The pedestal material is a vessel that used steel grade A. The base platform diameter deviation is ±5mm, the roundness is not more than 3mm, the flatness is not more than 3mm, and the base height deviation is ±20mm.
  • The weld shall be smooth and uniform, without any defects such as burr, slag inclusion, welding bump, spatter and unsolder on the surface.
  • The roller should be flexible in rotation.
  • The roller surface shall be coated with asphalt paint, and the base surface shall be coated with antirust primer twice after rust removal.
  • Fill the oil cup and pin shaft hole with lubricating grease.

Parameters of DIN 81907 Pedestal Fairlead:

DIN 81907 Pedestal Fairlead
Dia of Appropriate cable dia Size Weight
roller Steel wire strength GB1102 Hemp Synthetic D1 H S Cast Cast
  6×24 6×30 6×37 rope fiber rope iron(HT) steel(ZG)
100 11 11 11 40 28 160 128 3 9.4 9.9
150 17 17.5 15 45 32 240 211 3 32.1 33.8
200 22.5 21.5 19.5 55 40 310 251 3 64.6 68
250 24 26 24 65 45 380 298 4 108 114
300 30 32.5 28 70 50 440 321 4 159 168
350 37.5 39 34.5 75 55 500 346 4 235 248
400 41 39 39 85 65 560 371 5 336 355
450 44.5 47.5 43 82 620 394 5 413 462
DIN 81907 Pedestal Fairlead
DIN 81907 Pedestal Fairlead

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