CB 3062-79 Three-roller Fairlead Type A

CB 3062-79 Three-roller Fairlead Type A

  • Standard: CB/T3062-79
  • Material: Cast Steel or Cast Iron
  • Roller No.: 3 Rollers
  • Weight: 138-2811KG
  • Surface Treatment: Sandblasting then painted epoxy or according to the customer’s request.
  • Certificate: CCS, DNV, ABS, BV, NK, RINA, etc.

The Three-Roller Fairlead Type A is a robust and essential piece of maritime equipment designed to guide and control ropes and cables aboard vessels and in port operations. Engineered for durability and efficiency, this fairlead ensures smooth and precise handling of lines, mitigating wear and tear on ropes while providing optimal alignment during mooring, towing, and other heavy-duty marine activities.

Boomarine is a leading supplier of high-quality marine equipment, specializing in mooring and deck fittings. We are committed to providing reliable and durable products that meet the demanding standards of the maritime industry. Our team of experienced engineers utilizes the latest technologies and adheres to strict quality control procedures to ensure every product we supply delivers exceptional performance and longevity.

Parameters of CB 3062-79 Three-roller Fairlead Type A:

CB 3062-79 Three-roller Fairlead Type A
Three roller fairlead Type A size chart 1
Three roller fairlead Type A size chart 2
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Key Features of CB 3062-79 Three-roller Fairlead Type A:

  • Durable Construction: Built with a strong carbon steel frame and wear-resistant steel rollers, the Three-Roller Fairlead Type A thrives in harsh marine environments.
  • Reduced Cable Wear: Three rollers distribute the load evenly, minimizing friction and preventing cable damage. This extends cable life and saves you money on replacements.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for various applications, including ship docking, anchoring, and industrial lifting operations. The versatile design accommodates different rope sizes and can be mounted horizontally or vertically to suit diverse operational requirements.
  • Safety and Efficiency: Designed with the safety of the crew and equipment in mind, the fairlead’s smooth roller action prevents snagging and reduces the risk of rope damage or operational hazards, ensuring smooth and efficient line handling.
  • Easy Maintenance: With a focus on user-friendly maintenance, the fairlead’s components are accessible and easy to service, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent performance over time.

Applications of CB 3062-79 Three-roller Fairlead Type A:

The Three-Roller Fairlead Type A is suitable for various cable sizes and allows for departure angles up to 45 degrees, making it adaptable to a wide range of mooring scenarios. This fairlead is ideal for use in maritime sectors such as shipping, offshore oil and gas, harbor operations, and naval installations. It is also widely utilized in industrial settings where heavy-duty cable and rope management are critical.

CB 3062-79 Three-roller Fairlead Type A

Technical Specifications of CB 3062-79 Three-roller Fairlead Type A:

  • Material Options: Cast Steel or Cast Iron.
  • Roller Size: Customizable to accommodate various rope diameters.
  • Mounting Options: Horizontal or vertical installation configurations.
  • Load Capacity: Engineered to handle high tensile loads, specific capacity details available upon request.
  • Standards Compliance: Manufactured to meet industry standards like CB/T3062 (China) and ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) for guaranteed quality and reliability.

The Three-Roller Fairlead Type A is a reliable and cost-effective solution for guiding your cables. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and find the perfect fit for your vessel’s mooring needs.

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