Marine gangway, also known as ship laddergangwayshore ladder, etc., is auxiliary equipment connecting the ship and the coast. Gangway refers to the movable escalator installed on both sides of the ship for passengers to get on and off the ship, made of wood or metal. It consists of upper and lower platforms, ladder frames, steps, railings and hoisting devices. When the boat is sailing, it is hoisted, folded and stored on the side of the deck, and lowered and hung on the side when in use. The gangway device is generally used in passenger ships and other large and medium-sized ships.

In the daily use of marine gangway, there are often various problems, which make it unusable. This article will focus on the safety aspects of using a gangway as well as maintenance to help prolong the life of the gangway.

Precautions for The Use and Maintenance of Marine Gangway

How to use the gangway safely?

  1. When the gangway falls to the shore, the pedals should avoid obstacles, place them stably, and not twist. Hanging beams and chains should be twisted high or placed properly to avoid bumping into each other and hindering getting on and off the boat.
Precautions for The Use and Maintenance of Marine Gangway
  1. When the gangway cannot be placed on the quay due to the influence of tide, loading and unloading, quay environment and other factors, attention should be paid to adjusting the height of the gangway at any time. When the lower tread of the gangway is higher and farther from the quay, it is not allowed to go up and down reluctantly. The duty officer at the entrance of the ladder is responsible for adjusting the gangway and reminding the up and down personnel to pay attention to safety, and the bridge ladder should be added according to the regulations when necessary.
  2. When the rope needs to be loosened due to ebb and flow, mooring and other reasons, the gangway should be twisted, the bridge ladder should be retracted, or a special person should be optimistic about the entrance of the ladder and prohibit people from going up and down. When the gangway cannot be used, to set up the bridge ladder correctly, the personnel must be securely tied, handrails installed, and safety nets hung before people can get on and off. It is forbidden to jump directly onto the pier from the side of the ship, or directly onto the ship from the pier.
  3. The gangway and bridge ladder must hang safety nets according to regulations. There should be safety signs such as anti-fall and anti-skid at the gangway and bridge ladder. The handrails, ropes and steps of the gangway and bridge ladder must be kept fresh, clean and firm, so that people up and down can grasp it firmly and steadily.
  4. When anchoring, go up and down the gangway and soft ladder, and adjust the height at any time. The upper part of the ladder is bound and fixed, and there must be a handrail, and a lifebuoy with a safety rope and a sling rope are prepared at the entrance of the ladder. It is forbidden to carry too many objects and climb the ladder with one hand and one hand.
  5. It is forbidden to use the gangway to lift items, and it is forbidden to overload.
  6. The gangway and the soft ladder should be maintained regularly, especially the lifting wire, the turntable platform bracket, the railing, the braking part of the mechanical equipment and other components should be well protected. The gangway wires must be neatly arranged on the drum to avoid accidents caused by the staggering of the gangway caused by the overlapping and jamming of the wires.
  7. Operators on the gangway must fasten their seat belts and wear life jackets. 

Maintenance of gangway

Precautions for The Use and Maintenance of Marine Gangway
  1. Due to the long-term navigation at sea, the corrosion of seawater will cause the protection of the surface of the gangway to fall off, and it is necessary to repaint to cut off the corrosion of the seawater to the steel and aluminum structure of the gangway.
  2. Check whether the pulley parts of the marine gangway are short of oil, whether the inner hole of the pulley and the surface of the wire rope groove are seriously worn, and the damaged pulley should be replaced in an emergency. to avoid safety hazards. Check the body of the marine gangway to see if there are any desoldering and cracks, and if so, it should be dealt with in time.
  3. The gangway and stair-turning device must be in charge of a special person and regularly inspected to ensure that they are in normal working condition.
  4. All the rotating parts and the oil cups installed in the rotating parts should be kept clean, and lubricating oil should be added before and after the use of the gangway.
  5. In order to prevent seawater corrosion, steel cables should be regularly inspected and oiled for maintenance.
  6. The screws and stop plates of each connection part should be checked frequently to prevent loosening and ensure safe use.

The gangway is an important part of marine equipment, and its use and maintenance are very important. If you still have further questions about this, please feel free to contact us. As a professional marine equipment supplier, Boomarine can provide you with a variety of tailor-made solutions.

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