NS2589 Bulwark Chock

NS2589 Bulwark Chock

  • Type: Bulwark Mounted Mooring Chock NS2589
  • Material: Cast Steel
  • Nominal Size: 300*250mm or 400*250mm
  • Weight: 105-145KG
  • Finish: Sand blasting to SA2.5+ one coat epoxy zinc rich primer
  • Certificate: DNV, GL, BV, LRS, ABS, RINA, IRS, RS, CCS, KR, etc.

NS2589 Bulwark Chock is designed as per Norwegian standards, it’s often called bulwark mooring chocks or panama chocks, and is a special type of anchor hole at a ship’s bow. It is usually cast into a circular or ellipse. The closed hole in the bulwarks is used to limit the position of a cable from which it is derived. Besides the bulwark type, there is deck mounted type.

The NS2589 bulwark chock is made of cast steel, and the surface is cleaned to SA2.5 in accordance with Swedish standard SIS 05 59 00, and is coated with a rust-proof primer. Therefore, the surface is very smooth, and with no burr or sharp edge, which helps to reduce the friction of mooring ropes.

NS2589 bulwark chock has two dimensions: 300x250mm and 400x250mm are available for option. 300x250mm nominal size is designed as a single chock in PCC, which can withstand the traction line strain of 445KN. The 400x250mm nominal size is designed as a double chock in PCC and is able to withstand the traction line strain of 625KN.

Boomarine is a professional marine equipment supplier, all of our mooring chocks offer IACS certificates such as DNV, GL, BV, LRS, ABS, RINA, IRS, RS, CCS, KR, NK, etc. You can contact us at any time, we will provide you with tailored solutions.

Features of Bulwark Mooring Chock NS2589 Type:

  • The surface is coated with a rust-proof primer, very smooth.
  • Made of cast steel, rugged and durable.
  • There are bulwark and deck-mounted two types.
  • Simple design, easy to install.

Dimensions of NS2589 Mooring Chock: (mm)

NS2589 Bulwark Chock
Type(mm) a c t Weight(kg) SWL(kN)
300×250 300 660 20 114 445
400×250 400 760 25 153 625

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