JIS F2026 Roller Fairlead Type A

JIS F2026 Roller Fairlead Type A

  • Type: JIS F2026 Type A-4
  • Roller No.: 4
  • Material: Steel
  • Nominal Size: 140mm to 315mm
  • Weight: 187KG to 1232KG
  • Surface: Zinc-rich primer, anti-rust painting
  • Certificate: CCS, ABS, BV, LR, NK, RINA, etc.

JIS F2026 Roller Fairlead Type A is produced according to the Japanese Standard JIS F2026-1980. It is a cable guide composed of vertical and horizontal rollers, which can guide the cable from any direction. It is made of high-quality steel, and ranges in size from 140 to 315mm and weight from 187kg to 2050kg. The surface is coated with zinc-rich primer and anti-rust paint, which has high anti-corrosion performance.

JIS F2026 roller fairleads are available in two types, type A and type BR. Type A has 4 rollers, including 2 vertical rollers and 2 horizontal rollers. The type BR has 5 rollers. Both Type A and BR can perfectly guide the direction of the rope and protect them. Both types of fairleads are designed to be freely mounted on the deck and welded into the gangway.

JIS F2026 roller fairleads play an important role in the mooring and towing operations of ships. Mainly to maintain the tension and straightness of the rope or wire rope, and reduce the transverse load tension on the winch. Boomarine is a professional marine equipment supplier. The roller fairleads we provide are manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards, and all can provide CCS, ABS, DNV, RINA, LR and other certificates.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

Features of JIS F2026 Roller Fairlead:

  • Welded structure, sturdy and durable.
  • Smooth primer surface to protect mooring ropes and steel wire ropes.
  • Seawater-resistant bronze sliding bearings, grease lubrication.
  • The surface is coated with zinc-rich primer and anti-rust paint, which has high anti-corrosion performance.
  • Quality in accordance with international standards, long service life.

Applications of JIS F2026 Roller Fairlead:

  • It is widely used in different ships, such as container ships, oil tankers, bulk carriers, tugboats, dry cargo ships, etc.
  • Change the direction of the cables used to guide the ropes will not cause malfunctions during the mooring of ships.

Parameters of JIS F2026 Type A Roller Fairlead:

JIS F2026 Roller Fairlead Type A
Nominal Size Rope Dia. Dimensions (mm) Weight for 4-roller
(mm) (mm) b D1 H h L l t  (kg)
140 18 150 140 480 130 515 335 12 187 
160 22.4 175 160 515 145 570 365 14  277
180 25 200 180 560 155 620 390 16  387
200 28 225 200 590 170 675 420 18 510 
250 35.5 280 250 715 195 825 520 20 900
315 42.5 330 300 870 220 980 620 22  1232

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