Airbag for ship launching and landing is an extremely promising mature technology. The airbag’s main function is to carry the ship launching or towing the ship uphill, with extremely high load capacity, wear resistance and seawater corrosion resistance. This heavy-duty airbag is widely used in the handling of huge building modules, salvage shipwrecks and disaster relief, storage and transportation of gas or liquid containers, erection of floating bridges and water pipelines and other fields of operation. It overcomes restrictions of traditional methods, which are limited by the building and repairing capability of small ship factories, and developed into an extremely flexible technology, which has the advantage of labor-saving, time-saving, economical saving, flexible and a prominent economic benefit. Our airbag is widely used in ship launching or landing, heavy lifting and conveying, sunken ship salvage, and stranded ship saving.

What is Ship Launching Airbag?

Special Attentions During Using of Vessel Launching Airbag:

  1. Control the working pressure strictly and it’s not allowed to exceed the working pressure.
  2. There shall be no sharp and protruding hard objection on the contact surface with the airbag.
  3. To avoid distortion happened to the length direction of the airbag.
  4. Empty charge test shall be performed if the airbag is not used for a long time or reused. Inspector shall be at least 3m away from the airbag. If the airbag recovered from large damage, its working pressure shall be reduced reasonably. Besides, the annual check shall be conducted on airbags that are used often.
  5. Do not drag the airbag on the ground.

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