T-Head Mooring Bollard

T-Head Mooring Bollard

  • Material: Cast Steel or Ductile Cast Iron
  • Surface: With anti-corrosion protective finish
  • Capacity: 10ton to 200ton
  • Line Loading Range: ±180° horizontal; +75°/-15° vertical
  • Certificate: ABS, BV, GL, DNV, CCS, mill certificate, etc.

T Head Mooring Bollard is also called Tee bollard or Tee-head bollard, specially designed for carrying wire ropes. This design has a “T” shaped top, hence the name. Because of its simplicity, it stands out in many parts of the world.

T Head Bollard is made of ductile iron or cast steel, using advanced casting technology, and its capacity ranges from 10ton to 200ton. The surface is coated with epoxy paint, which looks smoother and more beautiful, and also has high corrosion resistance. The base can also be of different shapes, such as round, square, semi-circular, etc., and can also be customized. T head bollards along with staghorn bollards can handle higher line load angles than single bitt bollards and kidney bollards. It is an ideal choice for everything from small leisure terminals to the largest bulk terminals.

T Head Bollard is widely used in berths for bulk minerals and liquids. It provides a simple yet efficient method for fulfilling mooring requirements to allow the safe securing of vessels next to jetties, wharves, berths and dolphins in ports and harbors.

As a leading marine equipment supplier, Boomarine strives to provide mooring bollards with superior service life and resistance to physical and corrosive environments. The products we provide will guarantee quality and reasonable price, which ensure our cooperated customers can get the maximum value and low cost. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

Features of Tee-head Bollard:

  • Small and very large load capacity sizes, usually from 10 tons to 200 tons.
  • Rugged and durable design, extremely low maintenance.
  • Narrow footprint for limited space installations.
  • Multiple mooring line capabilities.
  • High stability and high corrosion resistance.
  • Suitable for a steeper rope.

Applications of Tee-head Bollard:

  • Bulk mineral & liquid terminal berths
  • Local authority, Recreational jetties & marinas
  • Container Terminals
  • Commercial Ro-Ro, ferry, fishing wharfs
  • Industrial Oil & Gas Terminals

Parameters of Tee-head Bollard:

Type Capacity (ton) Bolts
BMS-T10 10 4xM20
BMS-T15 15 5xM24
BMS-T30 30 5xM30
BMS-T50 50 5xM36
BMS-T80 80 5xM42
BMS-T100 100 7xM42
BMS-T125 125 7xM48
BMS-T150 150 7xM48
BMS-T200 200 8xM56
BMS-T250 250 8xM64
BMS-T300 300 10xM64

* Specific size designed according to requirements

Different Materials of Mooring Bollards

There are also some different materials for you to choose from, including spheroidal graphite (SG) cast iron / Ductile cast iron, cast steel and grey cast iron.

Material Standards Grade
Ductile/ SG Cast iron ASTM536 65-45-12
Cast steel ASTM A27 65-35
Anchor bolts galvanised ISO 898 G.R.8.8 galvanised
Blasting ISO 12944 SA2.5
Paint ISO 12944 Class C5M
  • Ductile Cast Iron has more corrosion resistance than steel and can tolerate compromised coatings better than steel. Ductile cast iron is more fluid during the casting stage which results in a smoother finish.
  • Cast Steel is available in a wide range of strengths, this allows the bollard to be commercially competitive versus thicker cast iron bollards. The ductility of cast steel gives the needed structural margin in the event of an overload situation.
  • Grey Cast Iron is excellent corrosion resistant and cheaper per unit weight but the need for thicker wall sections and poor inferior mechanical performance such as low strength and low impact resistance make grey cast iron the last material for marine mooring bollards.

Mechanical Properties

Material Tensile Strength
(Rm) N/mm2
Yield Point
(Rel) N/mm2
Break Elongation
SG Iron ≥450 ≥310 12
Cast Iron ≥250 —– —-
Cast Steel ≥450 ≥230  22   

Bollards Capacity Selection

Mooring points loads for general cargo vessels and bulk carries
Ship displacement (ton) Mooring point load (ton)
20,000 up to and including 50,000 80
Above 50,000 up to and including 100,000 100
Above 100,000 up to and including 200,000 150
Above 200,000 200

Photos of T-head Bollards

T-Head Mooring Bollard

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