ISO13797 Cruciform Bollard

ISO13797 Cruciform Bollard

  • Type: ISO13797 Cross Bitt Bollard
  • Material: Steel tubes or steel plates
  • SWL for one-rope use: 54kN to 1401kN
  • Size: 150mm – 400mm
  • The surface shall be free from roughness to damage the rope
  • Finish: 2-layer of shop primer anti-rust painting

ISO13797 Cruciform Bollard is a type of ship mooring fittings installed on board, to belay the mooring and towing rope. It is based on ISO standards and is made of high-quality steel tubes and steel plates, suitable for steel wires and traditional ropes, and can be used on decks or docks.

The surface of ISO13797 Cruciform Bollard is treated with a primer, and it can also be galvanized and painted on request. Besides, the surface is coated with an anti-corrosion protective coating, which has a good anti-corrosion performance. Its nominal size ranges from 150mm to 400mm, and weight ranges from 37KG to 165KG. Cause its safe working load is small, ranging from 78kN to 736kN. So it is only used for small ships equipped with steel wire ropes, and is not suitable for large ocean-going sailboats.

As a professional marine equipment supplier, Boomarine provides various types of marine bollards. Like most of our products, we can also provide you with cruciform bollards with complete material certification and IACS grade certificates. At the same time, we also provide a series of customized solutions.

Features of ISO13797 Cruciform Bollards:

  • Simple design, good craftsmanship, beautiful and practical.
  • The surface is coated with an anti-corrosion protective coating, which has a good anti-corrosion performance.
  • All surfaces that are in contact with ropes are smooth.
  • Provide OEM service, and a series of customized solutions.

Technical Requirements of ISO13797 Cruciform Bollards:

  • Plate: Weldable steel plate with a yield point not less than 235N/mm2.
  • Pipe: Weldable steel pipe with yield point not less than 215N/mm2 or equivalent.
  • Welding parts have no cracks, scars, holes, shrinkage, or alluvial soil such impact strength and appearance of the defects.
  • All surfaces in contact with the ropes shall be free from surface roughness or irregularities likely to cause damage to the ropes by abrasion.
  • The cruciform bollards shall be coated externally with an anti-corrosion protective finish.

Dimensions (mm)

According to the manufacturing method of the material,  ISO13797 Cruciform Bollard should be divided into two types

  • Type A: Manufactured by steel tube
  • Type B: Manufactured by steel plate
ISO13797 Cruciform Bollard
Nominal Size   Dimensions (mm) SWL Weight
DN (mm) Type l D1 D2 T1 H h (kN) (t) (kg)
150 Type A 350 165.2 114.3 11 450 225 78 8 37
Type B 350 170 120 8 450 225 78 8 31
200 Type A 450 216.3 165.2 12.7 500 250 147 15 58
Type B 450 220 170 10 500 250 147 15 48
250 Type A 575 267.4 216.3 15.1 600 300 245 25 92
Type B 575 270 220 13 600 300 245 25 81
300 Type A 625 318.5 267.4 17.4 600 300 392 40 132
Type B 625 320 270 15 600 300 392 40 115
350 Type A 670 355.6 267.4 19 600 300 491 50 150
Type B 670 360 270 16 600 300 491 50 130
400 Type A 720 406.4 267.4 21.4 600 300 736 75 178
Type B 720 410 270 19 600 300 736 75 165


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