NS2584 Deck Bollard

NS2584 Deck Bollard

  • Type: NS2584 Double Bitt Marine Bollard
  • Material: Weldable steel plates
  • Nominal Size: 125mm – 710mm
  • Weight: 25.9kg – 1532kg
  • SWL: 45kN – 815kN
  • Finishing: Sandblasting to S2.5 + one layer of shop primer
  • Certificates: CCS, ABS, BV, etc.

NS2584 Marine Deck Bollard is a fixed structure with two short posts attached to the deck for fastening and operating cables. It is welded on the deck for mooring and towing, which is an important ship hardware device for ensuring ship safety.

NS2584 Marine Deck Bollard is designed according to the NS2584 standard. It uses high quality weldable steel plate refining, made by advanced technology and processing methods. The size ranges from 125mm to 710mm, and the weight also ranges from 25.9kg to 1532kg. The surface sandblasting to S2.5 and then spray one layer of shop primer. We can also custom according to customers’ requirements.

The bollard can be loaded with two mooring ropes, and the fracture strength of each rope does not exceed the value in the table below. It is widely used in different types of ships, such as container ships, tankers, bulk ships, tugs, dry cargo ships, etc.

As a leading marine equipment supplier, Boomarine can provide a wide range of marine berth, reaching the China Classification Society standards. We can also provide custom-made marine bollards or OEM service, and CCS, ABS, BV, DNV, LR, NK, RINA and other certificates are provided according to customer requirements. Please feel free to contact us if you have any needs.

Features of NS2584 Deck Bollard:

  • Surface painting polishing, high corrosion resistance.
  • Round edge, effectively reducing the friction of mooring rope.
  • Semi-link fastening device, strong structure.
  • Larger top cover diameter to prevent dock lines from coming loose.
  • Long service life, up to 15-20 years.

Technical Requirements of NS2584 Deck Bollard:

  • Sharp edges need to be removed.
  • Welding parts with no cracks, scars, holes, shrinkage, or alluvial soil such impact strength and appearance of the defects.
NS2584 Deck Bollard
Nominal Size
Dimensions (mm) SWL (kN)  
Weight (kg)
  L L1 B H t Mooring Towing  
125 455 315 140 250 10 45 130 25.9
160 568 400 168 300 10 55 155 37.2
200 719 500 219 400 12 100 285 75.2
250 903 630 273 500 12 130 365 124
315 1124 800 324 600 16 205 540 230
400 1406 1000 406 700 16 280 740 356
500 1758 1250 508 830 22 510 1300 723
600 2180 1570 610 1000 22 615 1550 1084
710 2461 1750 711 1100 25 815 2150 1532

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