HHP MK5 Anchors

*HHP MK5 anchors have stevpris version and stevshark version.
*MK6 anchor is also available
*Certificate: DNV, ABS, LRS, BV,RINA,etc.
*Weight: 300kgs-30000kgs
The Stevpris Mk5 anchor and Stevshark Mk5 anchor, improved versions of the original Stevpris anchors and Stevshark anchors.
The Stevshark anchor is an adapted version of the Stevpris anchor. In extreme hard soils, an anchor will not penetrate very deeply. Consequently, the fluke tips and a small portion of the fluke need to withstand extremely high loads and bending forces for which the Stevshark anchor has been strengthened in critical places.

The Stevshark Mk5 anchor is based on the Stevpris Mk5 anchor design and has been widely used for permanent and semi-permanent moorings as well as reaction anchors in the dredging and marine construction industries.

Features of HHP MK5 Anchors:
- HHP MK5 Anchor has Stevpris version and Stevshark versions.
- High Holding Power Anchor
- Widely used for Offshore and Fishing Farm projects;
- Type: welding stockless
- Material: high tensile steel plate
- Weight from 300kg to 30000kg
- MK5/MK6 Anchor is easy to handle, install and retrieve and is used to secure semi-submersible rigs and permanent installations.
- MK 5/MK6 Anchor does well in hard soils such as limestone, calcarenite, very dense sands, and coral.
- Certificate: ABS, LRS, BV, DNV-GL, NK, RINA, NK, RS, etc.