W Type Rubber Fender

W type fenders have been developed for use as push-pads for tugboats, and are also ideal for protecting the berthing section of a pontoon or bridge piles.
Both sides of the W fender have holes for installation, and the fender has good flexibility, which is convenient to be installed on various ship's sides. It is mainly used for all kinds of tugs and barges in port operation, and can also be used for the protection of bridge piles. The fender can be installed in rows, which is an ideal protection system.

W-shaped fender is designed for tugboats in extreme operating conditions. It has a unique double "legs" structure with hollows. It is easy to install, and the double "legs" can be deformed at will so that it can be well wrapped around the hull.


Features of W Rubber Fenders:

-   Were normally used for tugboats.
-   Ideal for protection of the berthing section of a pontoon or bridge piles.  
-   Were installed in rows to provide a continuous resilient fender face.


Dimensions: (mm)

Type A B C H a
480x300 480 420 260 300 65
500x350 500 420 260 350 80
500x450 500 422 265 450 100