Marine Roller Fender

Marine Roller Fender

Roller fender is a type of dock marine fender, made of stainless steel and composites, rolling resistance is very low, and almost requires no maintenance.

Roller fender is usually used to guide the ship to enter space-restricted areas. They are widely installed on the walls of dry docks and other restricted channels to help guide ships and prevent hull damage. It is also used to require lower energy capacity berth angles and lock ports.

Roller fender is also used to mount on a fixed axis supported by a special frame. It has a sliding shaft with a post latent wheel to absorb as large energy as possible. The roller fender has a fixed axis that makes it very suitable for the pier and the wall of the lock. The main characteristic of the marine roller fender is that when the ship is berthing, the fender can rotate with the ship’s displacement, and produce a certain deformation to absorb part of the impact energy of the ship. Roller fender is suitable for docks, locks, all kinds of restricted waterways, and protruding corners of docks.

Boomarine is a professional marine equipment manufacturer and exporter, our marine rubber fender has been recognized by many international buyers as reliable products. We also offer class certificates such as BV, LR, ABS, NK. If you are interested in our products or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Features of Marine Roller Fender:

  • Low reaction force and high energy absorption
  • Low scrolling resistance
  • Low maintenance frame design
  • High bearing capacity
  • Usually maintenance-free
  • Composite bearing removes contact with metals and metals

Applications of Marine Roller Fender:

  • Water gates
  • Entrance to ship locks
  • Dry-dock entrances and walls
  • Some exposed corners and entrances
  • Other narrow or exposed areas.

Dimensions: (unit: mm, kgs) – Download PDF at this page for more details

Marine Roller Fender

What types of marine roller fenders can we provide?

Our Roller Fenders have two types, roller fender type A and roller fender type B. 

Type A Roller Fener

Type A roller fender can rotate with 20% deflection during berthing which makes it can absorb part of impact energy.

Type B Roller Fener

Type B roller fender can rotate on three fixed axles, it has a sliding axle in front of two idler rollers to absorb the greatest possible energy during compression of the wheel into the casing.

Type (AxB) R1 R2 R3
A B C D L1 H Weight L2 Weight L3 Weight
600×200 600 200 695 320 420 620 127 770 245 1120 365
750×250 750 250 870 400 510 775 249 935 501 1360 735
900×300 900 300 1040 480 610 930 465 1120 878 1630 1291
1200×400 1200 400 1380 640 820 1240 1045 1500 2041 2180 3005
1500×500 1500 500 1740 800 1010 1550 2011 1850 3915 2690 5784
1800×600 1800 600 2080 960 1210 1860 3441 2215 6701 3220 9891
2100×700 2100 700 2440 1155 1410 2205 5610 2590 10925 3770 15895
2400×800 2400 800 2770 1280 1610 2480 8115 2950 15701 4290 23300

Roller fenders can be installed in various combinations, such as:

  • Stack double or triple fender can cover a larger height of the tidal area.
  • Parallel to guide the vessel through a narrow channel.
  • Tilt installation to accommodate hull.

Product Photos:

Marine Roller Fender


A: Yes, OEM service is available. According to the different requirements in different applications, colors, sizes, shapes and special specifications can be customized.

A: We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU and DDP, etc. You can choose the one that is the most convenient for you.

A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the marine roller fenders are in stock. If it is not in stock, it takes 15-20 days but it’s basically decided by the quantity.

A: The payment term is flexible. We accept T/T, L/C,  and other terms. Open to discussion.

A: We have 20 years of experience in producing marine fenders. Each finished fender will be carried out inspection by our Q.C before shipping. Our marine roller fenders design service life is 20 years, our company has a quality warranty of at least 18 months.

A:  Any third-party company inspection is available such as ABS, BV, NK, LR, CCS, etc.

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